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Jewelry Lover.

For Celine Catalaa, the quest to find the perfect vintage jewellery pieces is more than just a job, it’s a labour of love. An expert in her craft, she’s been travelling the globe for 12 years in search of the world’s most spectacularly unique designs, refining her skills along the way. Combining over a decade’s worth of experience alongside a deep passion for jewels with a story, her endeavour, French Collection, offers exclusive private viewings, investment opportunities and pop-ups at events.

Based in Amsterdam and Paris but with a network of connections spanning the globe, French Collection is Celine’s homage to treasures with a past. Having admired the jewels of her mother and grandmother before her, it wasn’t long before the pull of the vintage jewellery world became too much to resist. So leaving behind a career as a journalist, she began working as a consultant for famous auction house Hotel des Ventes Drouot in Paris, where she organised luxury auctions and met a network of collectors, professional dealers and experts.

Years later, French Collection was born, and now Celine prides herself on discovering the best fine jewellery in the world. From Cartier and Van Cleef to Arpels and Tiffany, as well as bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces, she sources according to client specification and taste — whether it’s for a special occasion like an engagement, an investment for future generations, or simply as a gift to be enjoyed.

“Choosing a piece of jewellery is like falling in love,” Celine explains. “You need a certain sparkle when you first lay eyes on an object.”

Celine’s role is to offer support in that process, checking the weight, quality of stone and hallmark to verify the origin of the piece.

“Jewellery is nothing less than wearable art,” she adds. “And as with all art, it retains its value, especially if it’s rare. Sometimes pieces have been made with lost techniques, making it impossible to reproduce, qualities that add extra layers to its appeal.”

In addition, it’s worth remembering that exceptional sustainable craft is today’s ultimate luxury. Vintage pieces come with a significantly reduced carbon footprint, not to mention distinctive designs and past love stories all of their own. Finding the right piece is a journey, and with Celine on hand to walk clients every step of the way, finding treasure is guaranteed.


Quality & Elegance.

French Collection is based in Paris and Amsterdam, but my hunt for treasures takes me all over the world. I visit cities, jewelry shows and auctions everywhere, to find the right pieces for our collection. The right pieces for French Collection are filled with a rich heritage, yet they are modern, elegant, and distinctive.

My favourite pieces are signed by houses like Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Bulgari and much more, but they can be unsigned too. As long as they fit the French Collection standard of quality.