French Collection

Thank you Bridgerton!

A few months ago in the middle of the pandemic, I had a conversation with a very wise fashion expert. She basically told me that jewelry were finished; especially bold and voluminous pieces , which is, as you may know, 90% of my collection…

“Who wants to wear jewelry at home?”, she said, “and even after? Low profile will be the after pandemic modjo.” What could I say? I gave her my best Poker face.

Of course these times are highly challenging, but I managed to stay active, working on a new website, Instagram, etc. Low profile it was indeed. She was right, until …well until … The Bridgerton show was released on Netflix and went Viral!

Far from our reality, it is all about assumed extravagance, scandals, crazy costumes and … jewelry! A cascade of Jewelry! Not a single scene without dazzling necklaces, tiaras, or earrings…How did they do? Well … it might be only costume jewelry… but

Please, Shut, don’t tell anyone! ?